Types of Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas in Naples is right around the corner! Follow our expert advice for using outdoor holiday lights to create a winter wonderland. If you need helping installing or designing your outdoor holiday Christmas lighting, then contact us today!

Types of lights

Commercial LED light spools with co-axial connectors are one of the most popular styles of commercial Christmas lights among professional installers due to their exceptional durability.

Icicles and other novelty lights
Beloved for their elegant display, icicle lights are a popular choice for roof awnings, overhangs, peaks and windows. Traditional white icicle lights are the most popular, however you can also find color combinations such as red with green and blue with white to match a custom light theme.

Projector lights
As you drive through your neighborhood around the holidays, you’ve undoubtedly noticed outdoor Christmas laser lights. In the past several years more and more people are leaving their old string lights behind, in exchange for a laser projector or two.

Bulb Types

LED bulbs emit fewer greenhouse gases than incandescent bulbs, which makes them not only more efficient but more environmentally friendly. LED bulbs require less wattage to run so that you will use less electricity to power the same number of lights over standard string lights.

Incandescent lights appear multicolored due to the colored glass that surrounds the bulb, but LED strings actually put out different colors of light. This makes for a much more intense, true color payoff on your tree or home when all is said and done.

Projector / Laser
What are the pros and cons of using traditional Christmas lights vs lasers? Ultimately it’s a matter of taste, and what vibe you’re going for. And who’s to say you must choose between the two? Many people utilize both in their front yard holiday display and it looks great.